Oz Thakkar

Over the past fifteen plus years, I have contributed to feature films with cinematic release, produced sub-culture documentaries for air on Channel 4, including award nominated Music Nation: Open Mic, and four-part series Street Style & Sound. I have worked globally with some of the world’s leading brands including Nike, HermeĢ€s Apple Watch, Swiss Airlines, Maharishi, Miu Miu, Starbucks, Bottega Veneta, Selfridges, Hugo Boss, Rolls-Royce and more. I have collaborated with photographers such as Norbert Schoerner, Viviane Sassen, Giles Revell, Ewen Spencer and Nadav Kander, and produced short films starring notable cast members Gillian Anderson, Tom Ellis, Daisy Lowe, Christopher Eccleston and Felicity Jones; and recently I have worked with influencers like Maya Jama, Chunkz and Micah Richards.

I came to moving image with an instinct to share stories that shape lives. In a direct way, I myself was empowered by tales from cinema, television, photography and literature. For over a decade I have contributed to the industry, both as freelance and staff, with the purpose of developing and evolving my skillset and storytelling. My bachelors in Journalism from Cardiff University has allowed me to work for Al Jazeera English, Thomson Reuters and more recently with Coolr. As an independent producer, I have made a feature film, numerous short films, documentaries and commercials.

My skillset includes the ability to take concepts, no matter the scale, and bring them to life on brief and on budget. I have experience in all aspects of production - across many formats, genres and styles - whether it’s narrative driven, documentary, multi-cam talks, or complexed international campaigns. I have the ability to fill in where needed, with a natural understanding of hands on shooting and editing. I maintain a calm and creative working environment, and aim to nurture the best out of team members and collaborators.

Countries Filmed In: 
Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, UK, USA.


Apple, Bottega Veneta, Casio G-Shock, Channel 4, Dazed, Hèrmes, Hugo Boss, i-D, Love Magazine, Maharishi, Nike, Nowness, Selfridges, Starbucks, Supima, Swiss International Airlines, We Folk & Working Title Films.

Additional Services: 
Accommodation, Animation, Art Buying, Adobe Design Suite, Budget Management, Carnets, Casting, Communication, Concepts, Creative Production, Digital, Development, Documentary, UK & International Production, Editing, Filming, Flights, Grip, Lighting, Location Scouting, Music Composition & Licensing, Permits, Photography, Pitches & Pitching, Producer/Director, Scheduling, Scripting, Sound, Transport, Travel Co-ordination, Visas, Visual Effects.