Oz Thakkar
The Gaijin (Development)
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The Gaijin (Development)

The script is a New Wave style homage to the golden age of Japanese Yakuza genre movies. Developed with Photographer Norbert Schoerner, alongside Oscar nominated writer Hossein Amini, and Statten Roeg. With a script in hand, we tested the waters of filming in Tokyo with short film Made.

For this film, I worked through story and script development with Norbert, Statten and Hossein. We put together a treatment, budget and schedule, and ready to pitch with a test shoot in hand. After a few circles of casting and close calls with funding, we have shelved the film for the time being.

Estimated Budget: £1.5m with established cast // 45 day shoot on location in Tokyo, Japan.

Collaborators: Norbert Schoerner, Statten Roeg & Hossein Amini