Oz Thakkar

As a freelance producer and director with a journalism degree and an abundant curiosity of life, I've dedicated over fifteen years to the world of moving images. I've had a hand in feature films with cinematic releases, like Senna and Johnny English Reborn. On the small screen, I've crafted sub-culture documentaries for Channel 4, including the award-nominated Music Nation: Open Mic and the four-part series Street Style & Sound. I've also lent my skills to outlets like Al Jazeera English and Thomson Reuters.

Beyond the entertainment realm, I’ve worked closely with agencies, teaming up with global brands like Nike, Hermès Apple Watch, and Swiss Airlines to weave compelling visual campaigns. Recently, my focus has shifted to branded content, involving collaborations with BMW, Uber, Sky Entertainment, Samsung, Pret, Burger King, Deliveroo, Starbucks, and more.

Driven by a passion for storytelling that leaves a mark, I made the leap into moving images with a instinct for sharing impactful narratives. My versatile skillset thrives in bringing ideas to life, regardless of scale, always hitting briefs and budgets. Whether it's narrative-driven projects, documentaries, multi-cam talks, or complex international campaigns, I navigate diverse formats, genres, and styles seamlessly.

Maintaining a calm and creative working environment is key to me, bringing out the best in clients and collaborators. 


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Unleashing boundless creativity, I specialise in telling compelling stories with a modern and dimensional approach to filmmaking. With extensive experience in multi-platform creativity, I’m not confined by limits.

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Primarily based in London, my creative endeavours know no borders. I work globally, collaborating closely with individuals and brands to breathe life into their creative visions.

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Feel free to reach out. Let’s turn your ideas into captivating stories!

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Countries Filmed In ++ Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand, UK, USA.

Clients ++ Apple, Bottega Veneta, Casio G-Shock, Channel 4, Coolr,  Dazed, Hèrmes, Hugo Boss, i-D, Love Magazine, Maharishi, Nike, Nowness, Selfridges, Starbucks, Supima, Swiss International Airlines, We Folk & Working Title Films.

Additional Services ++ Accommodation, Animation, Art Buying, Adobe Design Suite, Budget Management, Carnets, Casting, Communication, Concepts, Creative Production, Digital, Development, Documentary, UK & International Production, Editing, Filming, Flights, Grip, Lighting, Location Scouting, Music Composition & Licensing, Permits, Photography, Pitches & Pitching, Producer/Director, Scheduling, Scripting, Sound, Transport, Travel Coordination, Visas, Visual Effects.