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Senna | Working Title
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Senna | Working Title

Indulge in the world of Formula One through my lens as a devoted fan, finding immense fulfillment in my contributions to SENNA. During my tenure at Working Title Films, I had the privilege of actively participating in the film’s evolution, from a 10-hour+ edit to its final form, offering valuable insights to the producer throughout the editing process.

SENNA, a captivating documentary, narrates the extraordinary journey of Ayrton Senna. It intricately unfolds the narrative of his physical and spiritual triumphs on and off the track, capturing his pursuit of perfection and the legendary status he holds. Spanning from his inaugural season in 1984 to his untimely demise a decade later, SENNA goes beyond catering solely to F1 enthusiasts. It presents an extraordinary story with a unique cinematic flair, opting for an approach that diverges from conventional documentary techniques. The film masterfully utilizes unparalleled footage, much of it unseen before, sourced from F1 archives.