Oz Thakkar
Made (2014)
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Made (2014)

Minako is an avatar in a game called Tokyo.

'Made' follows the intriguing double life of a young Japanese woman in Tokyo. When a brief encounter with a foreigner threatens to unravel her hidden existence she does everything it takes to protect her secrets.

Shot entirely in Tokyo with German Photographer and Director, Norbert Schoerner, Made is the tale of a woman’s intriguing double life. Minako is an avatar in a game called Tokyo and David has become a danger to her idyllic cover story. With a feature film script in hand, Gaijin, we developed Made to test the waters for filming in Tokyo, with great success with screenings at Cannes and London Film Festival.

Directed by Norbert Schoerner
Produced by Oz Thakkar
Written by Juanita Boxill

Starring Rina Ohta, Jonathan Forbes & Gardar Eide Einarsson

Copyright 2014 Dayfornight / Silent Treatment Limited.