Oz Thakkar
Driving My Life | Uber
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Driving My Life | Uber

The purpose of this film was to demonstrate that the drivers who work with Uber love the empowering freedom and flexibility Uber gives them to be able to fit their work into their busy lives. Further, to show that Uber is a good employer which inspires loyalty in its partners through this flexibility and through the many benefits on offer.

We wanted the film to inspire warmth and empathy in our audience as they connect with Adeyinka’s story and relate to the challenges he faces in juggling his work, family, obligations and passion and points, as well as satisfaction and positivity as they see how his work with Uber enables him to do this.

This film was used as part of a social media campaign for Uber and the Times called “Driving My Life”

Directed by James Waterhouse
Co-directed by Oz Thakkar
Produced by Crooked House Films